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About Us


Plug in.

Regardless of your age, background or ability, you play an instrument because nothing else makes you feel the way music does. The experience connects you with others who feel the same way—bandmates, friends and others whose passion, knowledge and skills can help you sound your best as a musician.

We established the Baltimore Music Company to help guitarists and bassists sound their best. Located in the Union Collective—a hub of independent artisans and companies in Hampden Baltimore—we’re professional musicians, teachers and luthiers for whom music isn’t a job. It’s our purpose in life. 

In addition to buying, selling and trading new, pre-owned and vintage guitars, basses, amps and gear, we repair most stringed instruments and amps. We also teach beginner, intermediate and advanced players, while helping collectors locate tough-to-find guitars, basses, amps and gear. 

We don’t need to make a sale to help a musician sound their best, however. Sometimes we unlock the potential of an instrument or amplifier they already own. Or deconstruct a vintage tone they’re chasing. Or suggest a local spot where they might perform. As the many longstanding friends we count amongst our customers will tell you, we don’t measure the success of our business in dollars and cents.

We’ve built a one-of-kind, 6,700 square foot home where musicians of all types can connect with one another. It includes a performance space with a state-of-the art sound system for student recitals, concert performances and screenings of films like The Last Waltz. It also features a large communal showroom, as well as private rooms where anyone can dime a guitar, bass or amp. 

Those who live outside of the Greater Baltimore Area can connect with us through our website and Reverb store, as well as by phone or Zoom during business hours. You can also find us (and other musicians) on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, in addition to signing up for free online tutorials and podcasts.

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