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Lessons Rates

Lessons are $35 per 30-minutes, regardless of teacher or instrument. For a typical 4-week month with 30-minute lessons, tuition will be $140. If there's a fifth weekday that month, the teacher will simply add another $35 to tuition.

We offer 30, 60, and 90-minute lessons. If you're beginner, we recommend you start with 30-minute lessons. If you're a seasoned player or an on-and-off again player, we recommend 60 or 90-minute lessons to get the most out of the lesson.

How Lessons & Lesson Tuition at BMC Work

Lessons take place inside Baltimore Music Company and occur once a week at the same day and time with the same teacher. Teachers at BMC are independent contractors so once you're signed up, payments and scheduling will done directly through the teacher. Payments for lesson tuition can collected via cash, check, card, or electronic payment (e.g., PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, etc.). All BMC instructors are required to accept cash, check, and at least one form of electronic payment, but it is up to the teacher what specific electronic payments they accept. Not all teachers are able to accept debit/credit cards.

Lesson tuition is collected on a monthly basis during the week of the 21st to pay for the following month. For the first lesson, however, tuition will collected before or directly after the lesson to pay for the remaining lessons in that month. For example, if you start lessons mid-January, on the day of your first lesson you'll pay the teacher for that lesson and the rest of January. When it's the week of the 21st in January, you'll pay the teacher again for February. 

To get started with lessons, our Lesson Coordinator will set you up with a teacher that best suits your criteria and availability. Once you're paired with a teacher and lessons begin, you'll communicate directly to the teacher for cancellations and reschedules.

Cancellations, Reschedules, and Makeup Lessons

To cancel or reschedule a lesson that's already been paid for, contact your teacher. Most teachers do offer makeup lessons, but it is up to the teacher whether they can do makeup lessons. Simply contact your teacher and see what options are available. 

To cancel or reschedule a lesson that's NOT been paid for yet, still contact your teacher or notify them in person as soon as you're able. The teacher can attempt a makeup, or just deduct it from that month's lesson tuition.

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