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R2R Electric Supa MKII Fuzz (USED)

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Handwired Sola Sound MKII Tonebender/Marshall Supa Fuzz. Used and in mint condition.

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Product description

Awesome interpretation of the Sola Sound MKII Tonebender/Marshall Supa Fuzz by Chris Vincent of R2R.  Chris sources top-notch vintage parts for his builds and each one is a unique experience.

This particular Supa MKII is based around (1) OC71 and (2) OC81D transistors.  This pedal is in mint condition and ready to rock.  More pictures and info always available by request.


From R2R:

The Supa MKII Fuzz is my take on both the Sola Sound Tone Bender MKII and the Marshall Supa Fuzz.  These pedals represent my favorite combination of component choices and modifications of these two classic fuzz circuits.  

Hammond 1590p1 enclosure with 2 controls (Level& Attack) with fixed bias

Each Supa MKII Fuzz features:

3x Black Glass or TO-1 Vintage & NOS germanium transistors

Vintage CTS, Centralab or Stackpole potentiometers

Philips or Sprague electrolytic capacitors

1960's Wima TFF, Philips Mustard Cap or ERO Foil capacitors

1960's / 70's Piher 1/2 carbon film resistors 

Vintage style Carling footswitch

Handwired on phenolic replica pcb

Daka-Ware control knobs

*Due to the design of this vintage Fuzz  circuit, these pedals work best placed first in your signal chain.  These units do not work well with buffers or buffered bypass pedals going into the input.  This will cause the effect to sound thin with a significant volume drop*


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