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Magnatone Magnatone '64 Starlite 401 (Used)

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Vintage Magnatone amp from the mid-1960s. Perfect for recording, collecting, and practicing.

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The 401 is a small economy amplifier featuring one volume control knob, and one tremolo intensity control, with one low and one high input.

The Starlite 401s were built between 1964-1966, a period of which Magnatone was acquired by Estey Electronics. The amp's gold control panel designates it as pre-1965, as the control panels were then changed to black. The Starlite series were designed as student amplifiers (similar to the Fender Champ), and featured smaller transformers and speakers and pressed wood particle board.

The grille cloth pattern is unique and striking, and stands out immediately with its retro pattern.

There is no power transformer, the 117VAC is rectified for B+ and the filaments are directly powered by the 117VAC supply.

Uncommon to period guitar amplifiers, the 401 uses an input transformer between the guitar and the first gain stage.

The amplifier's grille cloth has a tear, and the cabinet is chipped in places. The amp itself is in working condition and sounds great. This piece of equipment is perfect for a collector, a studio or home recording set up, or a practice amplifier.

This amp, (and other amps made in the 50s & 60s) has a two prong AC cord, which has no isolation transformer, and can be dangerous. For an additional charge, we can have a three prong cable installed for your purchase.

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