29 Pedals FLWR
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29 Pedals FLWR
29 Pedals
29 Pedals FLWR
29 Pedals FLWR
29 Pedals FLWR
29 Pedals FLWR

29 Pedals FLWR

$269.00 Excl. tax
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Product description

A fantastic companion pedal for 29’s other products, the OAMP and EUNA, the FLWR is a unique overdrive circuit that allows the user to mix to taste.  Using three position toggle switches and global gain and level controls, there is a ton of tones that can be achieved.  The form factor of the FLWR makes is extremely pedalboard friendly and it plays well wherever it ends up in the chain.

Check the box for another great product from our friends at Believable Audio and 29 Pedals.

From 29 Pedals:

FLWR is an overdrive, distortion and sometimes fuzz! It starts very clean and gets up into Fuzz territory at max settings. It's designed to help you find your own breakup point, so your playing can stay dynamic and full range and still breakup nicely when pushed. The SHAPE controls manage the first gain stage, you can check the quickstart guide and example settings for more info. GAIN controls the second gain stage, and the control is non-linear. As you add gain the response gets a little warmer, helping tame highs at higher gain without losing clarity at lower gain.

The clipping diode array is modular, pop off the back cover and you can swap out for a different array. PCBs are available to make your own module - if you happen to believe that some diodes are magical you are free to go on a side quest and track them down! FLWR ships with one module containing two array options. Select 1 or 2 on the CLIP control to engage them. The stock diode arrays are designed to be very subtle, but more extreme arrays are possible.

FLWR uses the same WHATEVER power supply featured on EUNA and OAMP - the pedal will accept 7.5 to 35 volts of AC or DC in either polarity with absolutely no change in tone or power to the circuit.

Overall size -

Imperial is length (depth) 3 5/8", width 3 3/8", height 2 1/8" max
Metric is length (depth) 90mm, width 85mm, height 52mm max

Same depth and height as EUNA and OAMP


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29 Pedals 29 Pedals FLWR
29 Pedals
29 Pedals FLWR
$269.00 $269.00


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